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About us

  • Eco-Safety Group of companies

    Eco-Safety Group of Companies provides two kinds of medical services:

    All-inclusive medical care for businesses (Corporate clients)

    Medical care for general public (Individual clients)

    This wide range of services is provided by various legal entities that make up the Group of companies:
    Eco-Safety Medical Center
    Eco-Safety Testing Laboratory Centre
    City Medical Company
    MedSafe Information and Statistical System
  •  Eco-Safety Medical Center

    Being one of the youngest major players in the field of preventive medicine in St. Petersburg, due to its highly experienced executives, high quality equipment, reasonable personnel policies and a specially developed work process software, Eco-Safety Medical Center in less in a very short term has reached a leading position in St.-Petersburg, and partly in Leningrad region, in the domain of medical care provision for businesses.
    At present Eco-Safety Group of companies comprises four medical centers for corporate clients which examine thousands of workers monthly and two centers providing high-quality and cost-competitive medical services for private clients.
    Eco-Safety Medical Center has great expansion plans - in the nearest future one more facility for corporate and private clients will be opened.

    Information for corporate clients

    • Eco-Safety Group of companies offers everything your business need.. img8.png

    1. Occupational health examination. We assess the occupational fitness of a person and provide relevant documents: Medical occupational fitness report for those who work in hazardous conditions.
    2. Personal medical records for people working in trade, public utilities sector, catering and food industry.

    3. Medical certificates required by the Federal Environmental, Engineering and Nuclear Supervision Service or required in order to work in civil service or with classified information and many other medical documents.
    4. Established health maintenance centers on premises of large-scale enterprises.
    5. A wide range of affordable and quality treatment and diagnostic services.
    6. All types of laboratory tests

    • Why choosing Eco-Safety Medical Center?

    Our clients enjoy the developed system of preventive medical examination in our health centers and on-site at their enterprises.
    2. On-site digital low-dose fluoroscopy and ultrasound examinations are available.
    3. Diagnostics is crucial for the success of further treatment, that’s why we provide only quality diagnostics by means of modern equipment.

    • What stands behind low prices? Depositphotos_3511176_xs.jpg 

    “Our task is to minimize costs for enterprises – our customers, and we successfully cope with it. It is possible due to:
    1. The integrated service approach which implies considerable discounts.
    2. Introduction of new forms of professional risk management which enables the employer, virtually, to recoup the costs of medical care.”

    Eco-Security Medical Center has enough resources to provide the complete service pack to any business or enterprise. There is no need to pay more
     for services provided by the hospital specializing in high-tech medical care as your overhead
    costs will greatly increase. You pay only for what your organization needs without any extra unreasonable expenses


    Information for private clients

    • We offer: img9.png

    1. Highly qualified doctors and experts specializing in various fields.
    2. Quality diagnostics by means of modern equipment.
    3. All kinds of laboratory tests.
    4. A wide range of treatment procedures.

    Why choosing Eco-Safety Medical Center?

    1. Diagnostics is crucial for the success of further treatment that is why we provide only quality diagnostics by means of modern equipment.
    2. Only high-quality and modern equipment for medical procedures.
    3. Experienced medical specialists.
    4. Convenient location close to the metro station.

    • What stands behind low prices?  

    “Eco-Safety Medical Center provides the required modern diagnostics and high quality medical care while
    keeping all other incidental costs to minimum.”

    We are interested in well-being of our patients since the motto of preventive medicine is “Stay healthy!”


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