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Personal medical record book

Personal medical record books are required for employees of food production companies and the companies related to processing, storage, transportation and distribution of food and drinking water,
education and training of children, public utility enterprises and municipal services, workers in trade of manufactured goods, medical professionals.

Personal medical record book contains the results of medical examinations, helminthes and intestinal infections researches,
data on preventive immunizations, laboratory and X-ray studies, information of previously experienced infectious diseases,
as well as the information about professional education in occupational hygiene.

Professional education in occupational hygiene includes training (lecture) and certification of the results of the training and medical examination.

Corporate clients are provided with: :

1. The optimal cost for the services due to the system of discounts based on the number of employees to be a medically examined (Personal medical record books, occupational medical examinations). Our services are not subject to VAT.
2. Our manager for accompanying fulfillment of the contract.
3.  Methodology materials containing medical aspects of your organization (for free).
4. An audit of medical documentation (available for free upon prior request).

Medical examination takes place at Eco-Safety Medical Center or on the premises of your company.
Mobile X-ray scanner is available.


Today’s market is overcrowded with so-called medical centers offering ready-made personal medical record books even without undergoing any health examinations.

Such companies even don’t have a real address - courier meets you on the street, hands you a fake document for your real money. The worst thing is that such medical record book will contain fake stamp of a real and honestly working medical center. Fortunately, fraud can be easily discovered!

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