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Seafarers’ Medical Examination and Certification

A particular group of people - seafarers - are subject to medical examination according to
the Order № 551 dated 6th September, 1989 “On improvement of health and sanitary support 
for seafarers, river fleet and fisheries employees”.

72.jpgEco-Safety Medical Center is included on the register of the Administration of seaport the Big Port of St.-Petersburg of approved medical organizations, which may issue Seafarers’ Medical Certificates. We issue Seafarers’ Medical Certificates according to recently entered into force MLC, 2006 (Maritime Labour Convention, 2006) and, if required, according to ILO C73 (International Labour Organization Convention).

International regulations on seafarers’ medical examination make it a legal requirement for any seafarer to hold a valid certificate attesting to their medical fitness for the work for which they are employed on board a seagoing ship.

Seafarers due to undergo an expanded medical examination. The mеdical exаmination of the general physical suitability comprises an examination into previously experienced diseases and accidents,  inherited and chronic diseases which occur in the family, a general assessment of the candidate's mental state of health, determination of the blood group and rhesus factor if these are unknown, chemical urine tests and tests for tuberculosis (chest X-ray, or Mantoux test), as well as a general examination of the body, eyes and ears in order to determine whether the candidate satisfies the standards.  Furthermore, the examining physician checks the status of the seafarer’s previous examinations, in order to check whether or not the examinee has been declared unfit previously by another examining doctor.

In our Eco-Safety Medical Center it usually takes about one working day time.

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