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All-inclusive medical service for your business

  • Managers and owners of businesses and enterprises, we offer you a unique service.

What is all-inclusive medical service?

In accordance with the regulatory and legal framework, any company employing more than 500 people
should have a health center at its premises; the staff should undergo preliminary and periodic medical check-ups.
Food production employees are obliged to have personal medical record books; work place health and safety certification should be carried out and all employees’ medical records should be kept in proper order.
From the experience we know that many managers of enterprises face difficulties in organizing of abovementioned points as it is not their core business. Often, the situation is such that the company has a number of contractors to provide necessary health services, which greatly complicates the coordination and interaction, as well as creates extra work for company’s staff.


  • Being professionals in this field, Eco-Safety Medical Center will arrange a full value health center at your company on the basis of outsourcing that would immensely save your costs and provide guaranteed high quality all-inclusive service.


Do not hesitate to contact Eco-Safety and you will join a number of satisfied customers of our Medical Center.

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